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450 g box of Unico Farfalle
Unico Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Unico Marinated Artichoke Hearts
1 jar Unico Roasted Pepper Strips
Unico Whole Tomatoes
2 cups chopped spinach
fresh herbs
parmesan, grated
salt and pepper
chives, garnish

PREPARATION: Place the farfalle pasta into a pot of boiling water. Cook until the pasta is firm or el dente. Strain and generously coat with olive oil. Add a can each (14 oz.) of artichokes, sweet peppers, and crushed UNICO tomatoes to the pasta. Mix together by hand. Add 2 cups of chopped spinach, finely chopped parsley seasoning, and finish with fresh grated parmesan. Top with a knotted cluster of chives Serve warm, immediately. Enjoy.The later you add garlic the stronger the flavour. Serves four.

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